Fundraising is discouraging sometimes, but I think I have come up with a solution to at least part of my problem. I will be selling handmade hemp bracelets to raise money for India! I have been making a bunch of bracelets for friends lately, so why not use my skills to help me get to India? I will make a custom bracelet for anyone who wants one! I will be selling them for $10 and 100%of the profits will go into my India account. In fact, I will never even see the money. All donations will be made directly to the account at New Life Church. So just let me know what kind of bracelet you want and I will make it that same day. I will also ship them for free if need be! If I sell 50 of them, that's $500 towards my trip. If I sell 300 of them I could pay for the entire trip with just these proceeds! Below are some images of the materials I have already. I am open to any requests so just let me know! You can place an order by leaving a comment on this page, sending an e-mail to kphalin@uccs.edu, or calling or texting me at 970.389.7230. Buy them for yourself, give them as gifts, and tell everyone you know!


Glass Beads

White Letter Beads

Wooden Beads

A few examples of some different bracelet styles

Colored Letter Beads

Whether you support me financially or not, I can use all the prayer support you can give. Please keep the entire team in your prayers. Pray that we will be prepared when the time comes for us to leave. Pray that God would use us in great ways while we serve him in India. Pray for safety in our travels and health as we go to a foreign place. Pray that God would provide for us financially and physically. Pray for strength and courage as we face unknown challenges. Pray for the people of India that we will be interacting with. Pray that the Lord would open their hearts and minds to the gospel. Pray for protection. Pray for peace. Pray for love.

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