Living by faith...

As some of you who are reading this may know, I have decided to join the congregation of my home church, Dillon Community Church in Dillon, Colorado, in reading through the Bible from cover to cover in 90 Days. 90 days may seem like a decent amount of time, but in reality that means reading at least 15 chapters every day! It is a challenge to find the time to sit down and commit to this reading schedule, but I know it is going to be one of the most spiritually intense times of my life. Most of the people I have told about my plan are shocked and their first question is "how do you have time for that?" Well, my response is that its not about MY time, it's Gods time and he deserves to be a priority. I'm not saying that it is easy, and trust me, with an overwhelming course load and a very busy schedule I have to get creative with my time management, but to me this is so much more important than anything else. 

It's kind of like the tennis ball analogy. Imagine a plastic container as the time you have in your life, the tennis balls as your time with God, and a cup of sand as everything else you have to get done (school, work, homework, family time, friends, etc.) If you try to fit the tennis balls and the sand in the container by filling the bottom with the sand, then there is no way all of the tennis balls will fit in. But if you put the tennis balls in and make them your priority, then the sand will easily fill in around them. It's all about priorities. If you put your time with God as number one on your to do list then everything else will just have to fill in around that. 

By making my time with God my priority I am slowly learning what it really means to "live by faith". For instance, today I was reading through Exodus 16-17. After the Israelites left Egypt they were wandering around in the desert. They had no food to eat, yet Moses trusted in God and he provided bread for them each day. Then they had no water to drink, so the Lord provided Moses with the power to turn a rock into drinking water. Talk about the Lords provisions. What would it be like if we really had to rely on God to provide everything? We take so much for granted because it is so readily available to us, but what if we really had to live day by day in faith that the Lord would provide? What if we had to rely on prayer to receive nourishment and sustenance? Thank the Lord that we are so richly blessed! 

I related this story to the way I am trying to raise the money I need to go to India. I should trust in the Lord that he will provide and make it possible. It is not my job to worry about money, after all when it comes down to it, this trip is not about the money at all. I am praying today that I would be able to focus on God and what he is calling me to do in this time of preparation, rather than the funds I need to make it possible. 

Alright I have rambled enough and i'm sure you have better things to do with your time than to listen to me babble on, so this is all for today!

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