And so it begins...

So here's the story:

After moving off to college I was overwhelmed with an intense urge to travel and explore the world. I was seeking adventure and could not help but dream of all the amazing places I would visit someday. Ever since I was old enough to comprehend the vastness and magnitude of this world God created, I had set a goal for myself to someday visit each and every country on the globe. I had now developed a passion for the nations and my heart was breaking for the lost people of this world. My days were spent in prayer about this odd drive to travel. As I prayed the words travel and adventure kept rolling around in my head. I couldn't shake this new obsession. I had never felt so passionately about anything, which was almost scary. I had all this motivation and optimism, but I had no clue where I would go with it or what it would turn into, that is, until I attended theMILL at New Life Church one Friday night.

That night was the first time I had been to theMILL, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The message that night was about missions. I know this was no coincidence and I believe that it was a tool God used to communicate his message to me. I was brought to tears and humbled that night. I found out that theMILL is sending missions teams to Germany, Peru, Egypt, and India this summer and that applications were due the following week. Without thinking about it I grabbed an application and that's where this "Leap Of Faith" began.

I have been accepted to travel to India May 29th-June 13th 2010. I am scared out of my mind, but I know that God is in control and that this is where he wants me this summer. The purpose of this blog is to let everyone know the awesome things God is doing in my life to prepare me for this upcoming challenge. I have a hefty sum of money to raise to make this experience possible. I will need to raise $3000, and as overwhelming as that might sound, I am at peace with confidence that God will provide.  If you feel compelled to make a donation you can do so online here: 

Click the Giving tab and then create an account. Select India Missions 2010 - The Mill and then select my name, Phalin, Kelsey from the list.

 Any and all support is appreciated! Every little bit counts. I would also like to ask for any of you out there who are reading this, to support me in prayer. I believe in the power of prayer and would feel extremely blessed if you would keep my preparation and the trip itself in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to everyone for the prayer support so far, it means so so so much to me!

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