Blessings From Above...

I know it's been a while since my last post but life has been a little out of control lately. I haven't had time for anything!

Anyway here's an update...
God is good. The $3000 financial goal that seemed to unattainable a few months ago is finally becoming a reality. With only $750 left to raise this trip is finally becoming a reality! I have been so generously blessed by friends and family. To all of you who have contributed, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much your support means to me. I know that you are supporting me with more than your wallet, but your heart and that I am ever so thankful for. Please remember to keep India and the work our team will be doing in your prayers! We are selling rubber bracelets as a team to help raise the remaining money. They are imprinted with "Pray for India" and come in yellow, orange, pink, blue/green, and black. Let me know if you would like one! I am praying that God will provide the remaining $750 still. If you feel led to contribute, you can make a donation here!

We have gotten a bit of information as far as what exactly we will be doing in India. Things are always changing but the latest I heard was this. We will fly into Delhi where we will spend a couple days adjusting to the culture and such, then our team will depart for Jammu where we will be assisting a newly planted church. After a few days there we will head to Kashmir where we will be working with a childrens baseball camp before returning to Delhi for our debriefing and departure. For the most part our schedule has been left open ended to allow God to do his work through us and guide us where he wants us to go. We are leaving it up to him to point us in the right direction. We also have a team website that has some more information, check it out!

God has also been working in my heart as he prepares me for this great adventure. I have a feeling he has big things in store for us! I can't believe we leave in 41 days from today, it's coming so fast! I AM SO EXCITED! ...as if you couldn't tell :)

Please keep praying!

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